Our Team

At Sharkys, we have several in-house teams for different sports. We have a track team, a basketball team, a tennis team, and a swim team. We take our sports seriously and we compete seriously. We compete against other clubs for practice as well as competition. We have been the champions of different tournaments and have won many medals and trophies.

Many of our athletes are training to take part in national and international competitions. Our track team has been doing really well and we hope to see them at the Olympics. At Sharkys we believe in pushing ourselves to the max and then a bit more. You have to push through the pain and negative thoughts to reach your goals. Our trainers and staff are here to help you with that journey.

We also have some members from the movie and television world. We might be from different parts of the career world, but at Sharkys we all come together as a team. All our members share the same common goal – to be healthy, fit, and the best at what they do. When they have completed their workouts or practice sessions, our members get to relax in the spa. Massages, facials, hand and foot treatments, and a salon for nails and hair is right there for their convenience.

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