Nutrition Tips for Athletes: Keep Up Your Energy, Feel Good and Healthy, and Perform at Your Peak

When you exercise or train hard, you need to have the right diet to keep up your energy and help you perform at your best. You need to have endurance and be able to give your all without getting too tired. Here are 5 nutrition and diet tips to follow when training.

Carbohydrates. Many people believe carbs to be evil, but when you are training hard, you need the energy that it provides. Carbs are your main source of fuel. You need to start your carbo load a few days before your big game or competition. Eat your last meal about 3 hours before so you give the energy a chance to be released.

Protein. Protein also gives energy but not nearly as much as carbs. The protein is more to keep you building muscle and keep them healthy. Too much protein is never good, so you should know how much you need per day. An overload is bad for your kidneys. The best sources of protein are lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, beans, nuts, and milk

Fats. When your carb energy sources run out, your body turns to fat for energy. Most people, including athletes, get their necessary fat intake from basic foods like avocados, nuts, olives, tuna, and vegetable oils. Avoid eating fatty foods on the day of your competition or game. Your carbs are more important.

Hydrate. Make sure to drink lots of fluids when training as well as on a game or competition day. Dehydration can negatively influence your performance and your body. It can be very dangerous and you could land up in the hospital. Drink lots of water the whole time.

Sports drinks. When you train or play a game, you sweat. Your body loses electrolytes when you train and you need to replace them. Sports drinks can help with this.

Follow these guidelines and you will be ready to perform at your best.