Sharkys Athletics Club is situated in Los Angeles. It is one of the best athletics clubs around. The club focuses on providing the best possible service and facilities. Sharkys is the place to go to get a good workout in and relax just as good after. The facilities at Sharkys offer many opportunities for exercise and relaxation.

The club hosts an indoor swimming pool, athletic track, different sports courts, a fully equipped gym, two studios, and a spa. The facilities include a basketball court, squash courts, tennis court, and martial arts room. The spa is fully equipped with massage tables, mud baths, jacuzzi, steam room, and salon.

Members have access to all the facilities. Our members expect the best and we provide the best. We pride ourselves on keeping our members happy and attending to their needs. Our facilities are still fairly new, but they are well equipped and of a high quality. Many of our members are top class athletes that hone their skills here at Sharkys.

If exercise and athletics are what you want, we have it. The athletes that use our club, are either at the top of their game or fast on their way there. Many of our athletes are practicing to go to the Olympics and also take part in other athletics competitions. Privacy is very high on our priority list and we do not allow harassment of any kind.