9 Mental Skills that Successful Athletes Develop, Hone, and Maintain to Stay Focused and on Top of Their Game

Successful athletes are not just the ones who win championships and get medals. Anyone who loves their sport and keeps working hard to improve is a successful athlete. People enjoy many different types of sports. The key is to enjoy your sport and put in everything that you can. Sports psychologists and trainers work together with their athletes to make them the best possible version of themselves. We asked what the psychology behind these successes are. The answer was that there are 9 mental skills that all successful athletes have.

Positive attitude.

The first skill is to know that you have to choose to be positive. Your attitude can make or break you. Attitude is a choice. Successful athletes remain focused and determined while still balancing their responsibilities and other elements of their lives. They have respect for their coaches, trainer, and competitors.


Successful athletes can remain motivated even when the results are not showing yet. They can push through difficult times and keep going.

Realistic goals

Athletes who are successful set realistic long-term and short-term goals. Their goals can be measured and are also set to a time limit.

Deal with people

Good social and communication skills is another skill that successful athletes have. They know that they are part of families, teams, and friend groups, and they know how to interact with them and handle conflict.

Positive self-talk

Successful athletes always speak to themselves in a positive manner. They do not break themselves down.

Positive imagery

This has to do with seeing the positive outcome they have worked for. They imagine themselves performing well.

Manage anxiety

Successful athletes know that anxiety is part of what they do and that it can be advantageous for performance. They also know when the anxiety is too much and how to manage and reduce it to remain calm and perform.

Manage emotions

Acknowledging strong emotions and using them to perform better, is another good mental skill that successful athletes have.


Successful athletes can remain focused at every game or competition. They pay attention to what is happening and play accordingly.

If you can develop these 9 mental skills, you are on your way to great success.